The Power Of The Universe

 I took this picture the day I started this blog. It was a Sunday afternoon in March and the typical british weather of the sun followed by a shower. I just bought a webhost and started to thinking about the name of my blog. Somehow I have settled on a name “Follow the Light” – In photography you always need to find the light and I see in daily life we also need to let our inner light of wisdom and love comes out a bit more and let it guide us. I was so absorbed in figuring out the domain/host setting up that when my husband asked me to look out to the window I was totally awed by the scene I saw.

It was a complete  giant rainbow in front of my balcony(if you look closely you can also see double rainbow)!. I couldn’t recall then last time when I saw such magnificent rainbow. It was like a giant aroma floating in the sky in a perfect half circle.  It was simply magical that I can only be amazed by the power of the nature. The light reflection was beautiful; the pace of its forming and disappearing was so elegant and graceful, like a beautiful lady passing in your way so gracefully and elegantly, without knowing how beautiful she was and how people were awed by her beauty.

People often say seeing the rainbow is a sign of a starting of a new era, and also symbolise beauty, love and freedom. It sounds exactly where I am right now. I believe I have the courage and faith to start the journey with small actions and steps. As Martin Luther King Jr said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”.

I am not sure when exactly I have this idea of doing something on my own but it is like a seed implanted in your mind that once it is there you just simply couldn’t stop from growing. I want to be in control of what I do (doing things I love of course!), how I do it and with whom I do it with. I want to serve people to help them to realise their full potential because I can see so many people (including myself) not coming alive (yet). The world need people that come alive.

The way I come alive is by serving people and supporting them to live life to the fullest and honour their unique gifts to make a difference in the world. That’s what my heart and instinct tells me. Perhaps the rainbow was the sign – the sign that the universe is trying to tell me to have the courage  follow the light of my heart and  my world could open to such amazingly beautiful magic.

Have you noticed any signs that universe is trying to tell you? Did you follow them? I would love to hear your story in the comments below.

Cheers to the start of the new journey,


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2 Responses to “The Power Of The Universe

  • Bon courage 🙂 I am still trying hard to look for a sign in my life…maybe I should spend sometime on meditation…

    • Meditation will surely helps! Our minds are sometimes too busy to see life as an adventure with mindfulness, awareness and curiosity. Thanks for the comment I will probably write about meditation some time soon:)

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