Guided meditation

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The guided meditation below is my invitation for you to take a pause in your busy life, connect with yourself, and explore what is going on inside you and around you with an open and inquiring mind.  The guided meditations I offer below ranges from three to ten minutes, so that it is easy for you to practice during the day whenever you need some mental time-out, a dose of calmness or inspiration. I hope you enjoy them!


1. Breathing meditation:

This 4-minutes breathing meditation introduces a simple counting technique that can help you feel re-energised and calm. It’s perfect if you need a mental break between tasks, calm yourself down before going into an important meetings.  or anytime when you need to bring more space and calmness in your life.


2. Body scan meditation 

This 12 minutes meditation helps you develop emotional awareness by paying attention inwards to your body.  Our body knows a lot about our emotional life, and yet we rarely give our body the kind and loving attention it deserves.  In this guided mediation, you are going to really “listen to your body” by bringing your attention to different parts of the body and to explore your physiological experience in relation to a positive emotion.


3. Self-compassionate moment meditation 

You can practice this meditation any time during the day when you need a break and remind yourself to be loving and kind towards yourself. We all have those voices of self-criticism or self-judgement in our head and it is important to acknowledge them and constantly remind ourselves to bring the same love, compassion and kindness we would bring to our family and friends to ourselves.   This meditation is particularly helpful when you are facing a challenging or frustrating situation and allow you to let go of the self judgement, accept whatever it is emerging, and be kind to yourself.


4. Managing emotions meditation: 

We all have those situations or people that trigger our emotional response. When it happens, it is important to recognise our emotions and manage it effectively. This 10-minutes meditation helps you stay in the present and guide you through a step by step process to manage your response to an emotion-charged event.  To prepare for the exercise, I’d recommend you bring in a mind a recent event or situation that have triggered some emotional response in you.

You can do this exercise as a reflective practice to better understand your feelings and interpretations about a past event. When you practice it regularly, you will then able to use the strategy on the spot (in 5 seconds rather than in 10 minutes!) to manage your emotion and responses effectively.


I hope you enjoy these mindfulness meditations. If you like them, please share it with your friends so that they can also bring a dose of calmness, awareness and inspiration into their lives.

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