Group coaching & Workshops

Group Coaching & Workshops:

I work with organisations and groups via group coaching, workshops and seminars, focusing on applying positive psychology to help individuals and organisations to thrive.

The workshops are highly interactive and offer a combination of the science of positive psychology, evidence-based practical tools, interactive exercises and group coaching. The participants will work out of the workshop with the fresh knowledge and also a wide range of tools they can apply in daily work and life.

Some of the most popular topics of my workshops include:

  • Cultivate positive mindset in daily life
  • How to embrace inner freedom through mindfulness 
  • Make the best of you to be a better you 
  • How to be an authentic leader at work and in life 
  • How to develop emotional intelligence 

If you would like to find more details about any of the workshops above, or have a chat about creating a customised workshop for you, please contact me.  I’d love to talk you through any questions you might have and discuss what you’re looking to get out of the workshop.

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