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FullSizeRender (3)I work 1:1 with clients to create positive changes and realise their unique potential in their personal and professional lives.

At the moment, I offer two core coaching programmes, focusing on helping individuals get the most out of their careers, and develop their own authentic leadership style.

I also work with organisations and groups via group coaching, workshops and seminars, focusing on applying positive psychology to help individuals and organisations to thrive.

My coaching philosophy and style

I believe coaching is about creating an equal partnership where we work together to create a safe and supportive space for you to reflect and explore yourself, make real choices and take real actions to make the most out of your life and career. By “real”, I mean making choices and doing things that align with your value and purpose, congruent with who you are, and based on your own definition of “success”.

My deep interests in human conditioning combined with extensive real-world business experiences offers fresh perspectives to support my clients to raise awareness and gain clarity in life and career, in particular as they go through a transition of some kind or experience a dilemma of choices.

I bring a mix of eastern and western philosophical insights with evidence-based practical strategies from the field of positive psychology and mindfulness into the coaching practice to help you become yourself, and realise your true potential.

I believe real transformation takes place when we dig deeper to understand ourselves – not only in what we do, but more importantly in who we are. Together we will reflect and explore your unique “being” – what matters to you, what stories you are telling (or not telling) yourself, how you show up in the world, what brings out the best in you, and what makes you come alive. Together we will create a plan to bring who you are into what you do, so that you can be the best version of yourself doing work that matters to you.

My clients have described my coaching style as calm, empathetic, practical yet challenging when needed.


“Jessie is a unique coach. She has a gift and skillset to help people discover what their own journeys are, what hidden potential, and the resources they have. You can fully rely on her coaching professionalism, expertise, knowledge and wisdom. She has the outstanding ability to listen, connect the pieces of information and ask the right question. During the coaching with her, a person sets of on a very different journey, the journey to become more confident, happy, full of joy, and discovers the answers he or she was looking for. She is a true asset and I just need to thank Jessie for having her in my life!”  – Evelyn Bidenko, Associate Director, UBS


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