The Inner Child

healing-your-inner-childEach of us has an inner child within us. She is creative, curious and spontaneous but is also being suppressed by the various conditioning  – the expectations of the parents and teachers, the need to please others, the desire to be strong and perfect. That inner child within us struggles to be heard, seen and connected in one way or another with the world.

As a manager of a department , or a leader of an organisation, are you creating an environment where  your people have the autonomy and space to explore and play about the ideas that they are curious about? Are you encouraging them to be creative and spontaneous without the fear of being judged? Are you allowing them to express who they are and what they stand for at work rather than feeling like having to wear a mask everyday?

It is no doubt an adult to adult relationship at work, but it won’t hurt to create a space where your people feel safe enough to play with their inner child from time to time. Because that’s the place where most of the inspiration, creativity, and satisfaction come from.

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