quotation markJessie is a unique coach. She has a gift and skillset to help people discover what their own journeys are, what hidden potential, and the resources they have. You can fully rely on her coaching professionalism, expertise, knowledge and wisdom. She has the outstanding ability to listen, connect the pieces of information and ask the right question. During the coaching with her, a person sets of on a very different journey, the journey to become more confident, happy, full of joy, and discovers the answers he or she was looking for. She is a true asset and I just need to thank Jessie for having her in my life!”    – Evelyn Bidenko Kantorik, Senior Executive Director at UBS & Founder of www.bidenko.net, London                                                               

quotation mark“Jessie helped me to get some clarity over where I am going in my coaching journey. Her insightful questioning helped me to move from having one idea about where I saw my future to something slightly different to the one I had envisaged at the start of the process. I also experienced some powerful insights into my own behaviours and thoughts during the coaching process.

Jessie is very good at linking thoughts and comments from previous sessions and helping the client to make connections that they might not have previously made. She tunes in well to the clients language and reflects this back during the coaching conversation.

I would be happy to recommend Jessie as a coach as she is very supportive and provided the right amount of challenge to move me forward.”    Jo Hetherington,  Business Owner, London


quotation mark“Jessie must be one of the best listeners I have ever met! And coaching is of course so much more than listening and she exceeded expectations there too: she really helped nail the crux of the issue by accurately playing back what I’d explained, spotting key words/fears/emotions and then framing them in her own way. Jessie also helped me come up with practical ideas for exploring possibilities and identifying solutions. Making you really think about what you need or want to do, without making you feel you are being put on the spot, is invaluable. I can only vouch for Jessie’s calming and practical approach and encourage you to try it for yourself.”   – Lorna, Project Manager, London 


quotation mark“Jessie’s ability to help me see things clearly, to know much better what I want and have, and to realise what is truly important to me, is so helpful to my thought process and life in general!  She does her coaching in such a gentle, non-intrusive way, while being extremely impactful”   TH, Investment Director, London


quotation mark“Jessie is an excellent listener and very good at probing into your blockers and ambitions. She has a very calm way of helping you to see through your distractions, de-clutter life and clearly identify your future self. For me she did this through asking questions that got me thinking about what is important to me, what drives me and what I want my life to look like.  The sessions were also aided by personality guides to encourage self awareness/ tendencies which I found surprisingly relevant.” Sun, Financial Service Industry, London 


quotation mark“Jessie has unique skills and resilience to help a person to explore the blockages we experience in our emotional lives.  Jessie utilises her intelligence to engage with clients and her listening and observational skills are excellent. I found her comments and interventions consistently helped me to move forward in my thinking. Jessie’s manner and presence is calm, professional and engaged.  I have no doubt in recommending working with Jessie!” – Joe Hammond, London 


quotation mark“Jessie is a great coach. She found me in such a state I did not know what to do with my life. Jessie succeeded in giving me proper action tools to be able to save the boat (sinking at the time).

I’ve learnt so much from this coaching experience with Jessie: I know now what I need, who I am and what I want. Through the career coaching, I was able to look deep inside myself and connect with my inner self, which was a revelation to me.”

Jessie’s compassion, empathy and kindness really got me and turned me into a positive and happy person!  Stay positive and get inspired by Jessie! “– Sophie, Financial Accountant, London 

quotation mark“Jessie has helped me to gain more insights of myself and make my goals appear more clearly. Her style of coaching is very calming but encouraging. I always felt inspired and excited after each session. Her breadth of knowledge helped to link my career  goals with my own philosophy of life; She has introduced a new way to discover my inner space. I highly recommend her” – Rosanne Jiang,  Software Engineer in Investment Banking, HK”

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